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Museum Pop Up

Comission Direction Installation
Com­ple­tion date: May, 2013
Client: The July 16
Lo­ca­tion: Tretyakov Gallery at Krym­sky Val. Moscow, Rus­sia
Artistic direction, graphics, navigation: Egor Kraft
Architecture, exhibition design: Plan-S23

The project is a pop-up installation in the main hall of the Moscow's Tretyakov State Gallery during the Museum Night. It is a trib­ute to the museums collection of Moscow’s XX cen­tury avant-garde art, which in­cluded the legacy of artists such as A. Rod­chenko, V. Tatlin, K. Male­vich, V. Kandin­sky, E. Lis­sitzky and more. The in­stal­la­tion took place in the main hall of the Moscow’s Tretyakov State Gallery that stores the fun­da­men­tal her­itage of the Russ­ian avant-garde epoch.

As a team of ar­chi­tect, in­dus­trial de­signer and an art-di­rec­tor we de­vel­oped a pop-up space that in­cluded a li­brary, cafe zone and sou­venir shop, aim­ing to com­bine func­tional and util­i­tar­ian de­sign that would aes­thet­i­cally re­fer to the afore­men­tioned in­flu­en­tial pe­riod of Russ­ian art..

We aimed to con­tribute to the mu­seum, some­thing that in our opin­ion, was an ab­solute ne­ces­sity: a pub­lic space that meets con­tem­po­rary re­quire­ments. We tried to ex­e­cute it with the artistry, which we find vi­tally im­por­tant to in­clude in the va­ri­ety of processes to­day.

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