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Graphite Illustrations

Completion date: June, 2011
Client: Monsterthreads
Available as a high quality print

Illustration commissioned by Australian fashion brand for a t-shirt print.

Comission Illustration
Client: Lacoste / France
Completion date: July 2012

Hand drawn illustration commissioned by Lacoste as a print for a t-shirt. At the bottom of the anchor there's a hidden crocodile logo.

Completion date: Aug 2013
Client: Vine Labs / Twitter
Dimensions: 30 x 30 cm

We were asked by Vine to develop an original piece to be installed in the company's NYC based office.

20 pillows (45x45 cm each), 225 x 180 cm
Completion Date: 2011
Created in collaboration with Karina Eybatova & Lesha Galkin

The work "Captured Dreams" is an allegoric attempt to visualize the idea of the existence of pillows that could capture dreams and display them. As though the latent image is revealed during the photographic procession after placing it into developing chemicals..

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