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The New Color Project

The New Color Ad

“The New Color” is Egor Kraft's artwork, an online intervention consisting of a faux website ( for a non-existent American company specializing in the field of developing chemistry. On the website, the fictitious company announces a fictitious breakthrough consisting of a previously ‘undiscovered’ color.

The people most intrigued and deluded by the so-called discovery sent hundreds of emails to the fake company’s email, where they expressed their desire to see the color, continued requests to buy and order a sample of it, express intentions of coming over to the laboratory to see it or express their interest in investment and more. 

The Book

As a re­sult of the in­ter­ven­tions there was is­sued a small edi­tion of books. It com­prises of the se­lected emails re­ceived at con­tact@the­new­ by June 2016 with the re­quests to buy, see, in­ves­ti­gate and even in­vest into 'The New Col­or'.