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Selected Identities

Identity for stationary online store  / Client: Memko / Completion Date: 2013

Identity for Kraft & Ritter, Berlin based design studio / Completion Date: 2013

Identity fand Creative Direction for the Mars Center for Audiovisual Arts / Completion Date: 2015

Logo & Icon for the New Now iOS App / Personal Work / Complection Date: 2016

Identity for the London based practice organising festivals and screenings of the Films from the former Soviet bloc. Client: The New Social / Comepletion Date: 2016 

Identity and signboard for a St. Petersburg based venue / Client:Sever Bar Completion Date: 2012

Logo design for a startrup company / Client: Likee / Completion Date: 2011 

Identity for a jewellery company  / Client: Sunday / Completion Date: 2013 

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